How Phoenix Seo Trainers got started with the Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Seos training has always been about developing young players.

Phoenix Seo training has never been about getting the best out of young players, it’s about developing them and bringing them up as good as possible.

When the Suns first approached the Australian sports media about developing Seo, the first question they asked was: How do we get a good Seo player?

They were interested in Seo’s size, his speed, his vision, his ability to play with the ball, his physicality and his physical style.

The first thing they asked me was, “Do you have a kid that can play?”

I was really taken aback by that.

In Australia we’re all really used to the idea of getting a young player into a first-team team, that they will play for a long time, that eventually they’ll be a great player.

But for Seo that was a long shot.

I remember watching him play against the Hawks when he was 17, I remember seeing him go up and down the ground like a deer, he was just an amazing player.

He was one of those guys that, at that age, he would get to the rim, he’d be really fast, he could shoot, he did a lot of things.

I remember thinking, “You know what?

I think this is a guy who’s going to be a superstar.”

I watched him grow up.

He would just get up and go, “I want to be great at basketball.”

Then, when he got to be 21, I said, “We’ve got to get a Seo.”

He was really happy with me saying that, and he became one of the best players in the world, and it was really hard for me to leave.

He played for two years at Melbourne, and then he moved to the US.

He did some really good things in the US, and when he moved back to Australia he played for a while, and his stats went up a little bit.

It was really exciting for me when he went back.

It was like the end of an era for me, and I’ve never looked back.

Phoenix Seoes talent was not always on display.

What happened was, after he got settled in Melbourne, he decided to leave, and after he went to the States he started getting his ass kicked by the best basketball in the country.

And I guess I was the one that said, ‘You know, this is not the time for a Seos player to come back, because we’ve got a lot better options here.’

The talent in Australia is so great.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an Australian basketball team, the way they play, and how they defend.

So when Seo came back, he took some of those same skills and developed them into something really special.

We started by having him learn the fundamentals of basketball.

One of the things that I think Seo is doing right now is, with the experience he’s had with the team, he’s taking some of the ideas that he learned from Australia and developing them into some really interesting things for the team.

So now we’re starting to see that he can play in the NBA, and the best way for him to do that is to learn from his Australian peers.

For me, the biggest thing is that he’s got so much talent, he doesn’t need to be in Australia anymore, and that’s what I love about him.

He just wants to be here and be a part of the game, to be able to play for his country, to help his country win championships, and to help other people get the opportunities to play in an NBA game.

That’s the way I see it.

It’s not about playing for a certain team, it is about playing to be the best player that you can be, and there are other guys out there who have done it a lot easier, and some of them have done really well, but he’s just a really talented guy and I think it’s great for him.

His style of play is just so exciting, it makes me so excited to watch him, and as an athlete, I just love it.

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