How the ‘best in the business’ are going through a seo training session

A seo trainer has been criticised for not getting the right advice and leaving a job because he couldn’t find any good candidates.

Kerala-based KSR Training is one of the country’s most recognised training centres and its graduates have become the go-to firms in some sectors of the economy.

A former trainer, Anjali Kumar, is being held up as the face of the profession, with the CEO of KSR saying he has been “instrumental” in making the training a success.

However, the trainer is now facing criticism on social media for his failure to get the right skills and knowledge from his colleagues.

He is now in hot water, and has posted a video on his Facebook page in which he says he’s not happy with the criticism.

“There is a certain perception in the community, and I am very unhappy about that,” he said.

In the video, Kumar says he didn’t know what he was doing when he was in the company, and that he didn´t ask his employees what they thought of him, as the company has no HR department.

“I did not ask for any information from anyone,” he says.

“I was in no way looking for anybody.

What I wanted was a trainer who can impart what I had learnt.

It was an easy job for me.”

He goes on to claim that he is happy with his role at KSR.

“When I was at the company for 18 months, I never thought of getting out.

It wasn´t my dream.

My family supported me and made sure I stayed there.

But now that I am gone, I have to work for someone else,” he adds.

The trainer has also made a video, saying he is “not a bad guy”.

“I am a good person, and for all I have done, I am not a bad person.

I have been through difficult times and it has not been easy,” he explains.”

The best I have ever done has come from me working with people that can make an impact.

I learnt a lot, and have come to the best place in my life,” he concluded.

Kumar, who worked for 10 years as a trainer, has gone on to launch his own business, a mobile app that connects mobile-phone users to local business owners.

He says he has already made more than 50,000 customers.KSR Training says it is not the first company to go under in the IT industry.

In December last year, the firm was sold for Rs.1,500 crore by Reliance Industries, which later filed for bankruptcy.

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