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In the Lahores, Seo is the official training facility for the National Highways Agency (NHA) and the National Transport Authority (NTA).

There are more than 70 training centres in the region, including one in Vadodi, where the national team trained last year.

“They are the best training centre in the country and have trained the best players in the world,” Lahore-based sports trainer Ramzan Khairul told Geo News.

“You will find the best talent in the land.”

Khairul, a Lahore native, started working with the NHA in 2014, and since then he has been involved in training and coaching thousands of aspiring players across the country.

The National Highway Authority (NHWA) trains and trains a lot of young athletes.

According to Khairuls’ estimates, around 200,000 young players in Lahore train in the facility each year.

“It’s a great facility, which we train to train and help them achieve their dreams,” he said.

“I have worked for them for the past 18 months.”

Training in Vododi is much more difficult.

The NHWA has a complex in the village of Baghdadi where young players train for months on end, before being sent to Vododa.

“We have a long distance training facility,” Khairullah said.

According, training is not a problem for young players who go there.

“The NHWA offers the best facilities, training facilities in Lahores.”

However, some players in Voda are less than happy with the facilities in Vindodi, as the local police force does not have the capacity to provide training facilities there.

In addition, many locals are wary of the NHWA’s facilities, believing that they are used for the purpose of extracting bribes.

“Our police stations are in bad shape, which is why we prefer to train in Lahoria,” Khirullah said, adding that it is the NHWAs responsibility to improve their facilities.

“If the NHwA did their job well, there would be no problem,” Kharullah said of the Lahora police.

However, there are many positive aspects about the NHWS facilities in the Vindoda area.

“Vindodi has a lot to offer,” Khalullah said about the facilities, adding: “It is the best place for training.”

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