When do you go to the hospital?

As a child, Seo was sent to a children’s hospital in the southern province of Guangdong.

She remembers it as a place of pain and suffering, where people were treated as objects rather than human beings.

“I remember one time, I went to the emergency room,” Seo told Al Jazeera.

“I was in a room, with a bed and a tray.

It was so dirty, I could barely see.”

I remember the doctor telling me, ‘You are a girl’I had a lot of fear that I would never be able to go home, but I was very determined to get out.

The doctor told me, I’m going to teach you how to use your hands to pick up and eat things, which I could do on the floor, but it would take a lot more effort than that.

“That was the beginning of my love of doing that,” Seos says.

Seo was one of the first girls to go to medical school in China.

She studied medicine at the prestigious Nanjing Medical University in the 1970s.

She later completed her doctorate in medicine at Peking University.

In the 1980s, she returned to Guangdans home country to start her own practice, where she would treat children and pregnant women, in addition to treating those who were in need.

She says that it was a dream to open a clinic, but she was afraid to go there.

“It was very dangerous because they were very strict.

It would be very, very dangerous, to bring a patient with malaria, for example, and to bring in a pregnant woman,” she says.”

But at the same time, it was an opportunity for me to be a part of medicine, and a part in the revolution.”

For the first time, women could get treatment.

I’m very proud of that, because women were not treated like slaves in China, they were treated like human beings.

“Seki’s vision was born in 1988, when she started to practice medicine in the city of Guangzhou, which was then home to China’s largest city, Shenzhen.

The experience of going to hospitals as a child and working in a clinic inspired Seo to set up a clinic to help children and young people.

When you are born, the most important thing is to get well and stay healthy, and the most precious thing is a good childhood.””

As a child who went to hospital, I saw that children were the most vulnerable,” she recalls.

“When you are born, the most important thing is to get well and stay healthy, and the most precious thing is a good childhood.”

Seng was born with a rare genetic disorder called spina bifida.

She is now one of China’s youngest people, but says that she’s been blessed with her life.

Seki was inspired by the experiences of other children in Guangzhou.

“The way they looked up to their parents, they looked at their mothers and their fathers, and they didn’t believe that they were worthless.

They wanted to help them, they wanted to take care of them, and that was my way to show them that they can have a good life, and if they want to do well in life, they can make a difference,” she explains.

Seng says that when she was young, she always looked up towards her mother, and she thinks that was because she had the same childhood that Seo had.

“She’s a woman, but when I was young and I looked up at her, I felt like I was her,” Seok said.

Seko’s clinic was named after her late father, who died from leukaemia at the age of 82 in 2013.

Sensory-related diseases are a growing problem for China, and Seo’s work is helping to address this.

“Sensories play a big role in our lives, and we should do everything we can to reduce this,” she said.

Seong says she hopes that her clinic will help young people to become better equipped to deal with their health problems and to take responsibility for their own lives.

“If you think about a child or a pregnant person, they are an object.

They’re not a human being, they’re not even their own person, and so they need to be protected from people,” she explained.

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