When you are a student, it is better to stay home

A student in Ottawa was in for a shock this week when his university refused to allow him to participate in a training session because he was a member of a student union.

“The reason we asked for this is because the students have been protesting against the union and have called for a boycott of all university activities,” said Alex Saindella, the vice-president of the Canadian Federation of Students.

The university had refused to accommodate a student who wanted to attend a union rally outside the school and was scheduled to be present at the event.

He would have been permitted to attend the rally if the university had offered him a space on campus.

But a student association that represents more than 300,000 students at universities across Canada says that would have meant the student would have to pay an additional $600 for transportation, accommodation and the cost of transportation to and from the event, which is called a union meeting.

The student, who is now an independent contractor and has not had his university pay for the cost, says he wants to keep his union rights and is seeking legal action.

The Canadian Federation for Students said it is disappointed by the university’s decision.

“The union is not the union,” said spokesman Patrick Steeve.

“This union is a front group of the university.”

The federation’s position is that students are entitled to free speech, and that a student should be able to demonstrate peacefully.

The federation has organized several union marches across Canada, including one in Toronto in April.

The group is asking students to boycott the union rally in Ottawa.

“We need to be very clear, this is not about the university.

It’s about the students,” said Sainda.

He said the union is trying to reach out to the school to get the union to change its mind, and said it has a list of about 30 potential speakers.

Students are not the only ones upset with the union.

They say they have been getting a variety of messages from students and parents about the rally, including emails from students saying the rally will damage their futures, and students saying they would not be attending a union event.

“I feel like we are being pushed around,” said Sarah Jost, a student in the University of Ottawa.

She said she is concerned about what the union could do to her family’s health, and about what could happen to the students who might be attending the event to demonstrate.

She has also been told the rally is not going to happen.

“That’s very upsetting to me.

I don’t want to go, I’m not willing to,” said Jost.

The union says the students will be able return to the university in the fall, but there are no plans to host the event again.

The students are calling on other unions to come forward to protest at the union meeting in Ottawa, and to refuse to participate if the union does not change its stance.

The Ottawa Citizen reported that the union has received dozens of emails from university students saying that if they did not attend, they would boycott the event and the students would not attend the union event, according to a student newspaper.

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