Which training should I get for the job training job?

With a busy job market, the Israeli army is looking to fill a gap in the market for young men and women who are looking for jobs and are not looking for the traditional military service, according to the head of the country’s Job Training Agency.

“Job training for men is not a new idea, but we’re seeing a surge in it.

It’s not just the IDF, but it’s also a lot of other forces, from the security forces, to the police, and even the civil defense,” said Maj. Gen. (res.)

Yuval Kachman.

Kachman, who heads the Job Training Service, said the army has been looking at the training needs of men and their families for several years, and the current market for trainees is very strong.

“We’re seeing the number of people who are ready to train and the number that are qualified to train increase by the month.

I think it’s a trend,” he said.

He noted that the IDF has been investing heavily in training in recent years, especially for the young men.

“It’s a lot more than just a military service.

It has to be a career,” he added.

The military is investing heavily and training its young men in the field to become soldiers.

The IDF has increased its recruitment from around 20,000 in 2005 to 30,000 today.

It is also investing in new technologies to prepare its men for the field.

“Training is something that is very, very important.

The people who know what to do and how to do it, how to use their skills and how they can get the job done, and that’s what I think they want to be part of,” Kachmann said.

The training program is aimed at training young men for a variety of roles.

There are also programs to prepare for an active duty career.

However, the IDF is still looking for qualified people for these positions.

“There are not enough young people for the military.

We have to look at ways to train people for other professions,” he stressed.

The Job Training Services is the largest civilian employer in the country, employing around 1.6 million people.

It operates in the northern and southern regions of the West Bank, as well as in the eastern part of the Golan Heights, in the Negev and in the Gaza Strip.

Kashmiris have been the target of frequent violence and attacks by both Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

Since 2008, the government has cracked down on militant activity, including the kidnapping and killing of Israeli civilians and the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers.

Israel has also banned the import and sale of weapons from Gaza, the West bank and east Jerusalem.

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