Why the Federal Government is trying to silence teachers from discussing GMOs

An ongoing investigation by the American Conservative has uncovered some disturbing details of what appears to be an effort by the federal government to silence professors who speak out against GMOs.

According to the investigation, a group of teachers in Melbourne, Australia, have been told that the Federal Department of Education (Deeds) is planning to close down their teaching and learning experience by requiring them to sign a statement of intent that includes the words “GM safety and labeling is a priority” and “there is no assurance of a return on investment for our students.”

The statement of understanding was signed by Dr. Rolf De Grauwe, a professor at the University of Melbourne, as well as Professor Michael De Graubers and Professor Daniel Wetheralds, two of the world’s leading experts on the effects of GMOs, according to the report.

De Grauwes, a specialist in plant genetics, said the statement of undertaking could be used to block GMO labeling in Australia, as in other countries where the public is not allowed to know what they are eating.

“In the case of GMO labels, you are forced to sign the document saying you do not believe the products are safe and that you do so to the best of your knowledge and belief,” De Graugers said.

“This is an enormous threat to teachers who are teaching children, and I think that’s a big problem.

I think it’s a violation of students’ rights.

They’re being told to take a statement that they don’t believe is going to make a difference.”

According to De Graurys report, De Grauerys group has also been informed that they are not permitted to share the contents of the document with their students.

De Rulings report alleges that the school’s students are not informed that De Grauaers group is being told that they should be wary of GMO products and should be willing to consider them in their research, because “their opinions may be different.”

De Graueris group is also told that DeGrauwese group would not be able to communicate with the school or other teachers who disagree with the group’s position, and that they would be required to take their statements to the De Graugeys office.

In addition, the report alleges, De Rulers group has been instructed to not speak to any of their students who have been informed of their decision to boycott GMOs, and to avoid speaking with any students who were involved in their decision.

The American Conservative obtained the DeGrausys group’s statement of agreement on the agreement, and spoke to De Rurings senior vice president, Robert De Graudens, who confirmed the group is still in negotiations with the federal department of education.

“We are still in the process of finalizing the terms of the agreement and will be working with the department as well,” De Ruerings statement read.

“As part of that process, the department will have to approve or reject the agreement.

We hope to be able, in the near future, to have a decision from them on the approval of the agreements.”

The agreement signed by De Graues group says that if the government were to cancel the agreement with De Grauews group, the DeRulings group would be able “to continue teaching the students.”

De Ruelings statement added that the agreement was meant to protect De Grauleys group from having to face the consequences of not following the agreement’s terms.

“It does not give the federal education department the authority to decide whether or not to cancel this agreement or not,” DeRuelings response reads.

“It only provides that if there is a decision to cancel, the university will be able and must be allowed to take the position that it would like to continue teaching.”

The report also alleges that a statement from the De Rueys group on the school website was also scrubbed of any mention of GMOs.

“When the university was contacted by the De Riders group, they did not respond to requests for comment,” a spokesperson for the school said.

The DeRueys spokesperson said they are working with DeGrauerys office and will have a response to the allegations by Thursday.

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